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The V5 Chronograph

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Let's let one of our customers speak for us:

"I am a very tactile person, my watch not only has to look good, but also feel good. This is where even some of the well-known brands fail for me, so that my friends regularly say that I am a watch snob at its best.

But the MACHIA feels extremely good. It feels like a luxury watch.

The design is very successful.

The buttons when pressed give a very nice feedback and feel high-quality.

The band is not only extremely comfortable, but also just feels great. Very nice that the watch has a sapphire crystal. We also thought of a nice box, so everything is just right, from front to back."

-Member of Clock Forum-

MACHIA V5 Chronograph

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"Great standalone watches, outstanding service and customer contact!"

Bjorn T

Precision and class

Bauhaus? You can find it somewhere else.

The design of the V5 chronographs does not forgive any mistakes. Any deviation, no matter how small, would be noticed. With our uncompromising standards of perfection, however, this is not an issue.

That is why our housings are processed using the latest machines and then bead blasted. This gives the surface its flawless finish. The assembly is of course done by hand.

Specialists with many years of experience are responsible for the assembly - quality control takes place in three stages.

Simply? different. But who takes the easy way?

Stunning details...

under our sapphire crystal

The scratch-resistant glass made of sapphire crystal protects the double-layered dial of the V5 chronograph and prevents annoying reflections.

The sub-dials, the totalizers, feature shockingly precise ring embossing. They're also 0.4 millimeters lower than the rest, giving the dial an impression of depth.

MACHIA Chronograph Uhr Herrenuhr Design Germany Edelstahl Saphir Panda dial menswatch streetwear watch

follow the light

Luminous material from Switzerland

White by day and blue by night - the Superluminova from Switzerland guarantees readability in every situation.

The V5 Chronograph combines cool style with well thought-out functions.

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MACHIA is a sponsor

The Paderborn Dolphins and MACHIA have been working hand in hand since the end of 2019.

Read more about this strong partnership on our sponsorship page.

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