The all-rounder among metals - watches made of 316L stainless steel

A long way behind, far ahead of titanium and precious metals, stainless steel takes first place when it comes to the choice of material for wristwatch cases. In this article you will find out why stainless steel is a very good choice, why we use it for our sporty men's watches and why a MACHIA chronograph is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Rustproof and durable

Due to its chemical composition, stainless steel shines in terms of rustlessness and durability. By adding other elements such as chromium, nickel and molybdenum, weaknesses in the main component iron are eliminated. This alloy makes the otherwise vulnerable iron stronger and more resistant, it can withstand temperature fluctuations better and has excellent chemical properties.

Salt water on vacation and sweat, which mainly forms under the watch in the warm seasons and during sporting activities, can no longer harm the case.

Surgical steel - not without reason!

The following problem occurs with many metals: They contain nickel, which is transferred to the wearer through skin contact and, in the worst case, can trigger allergic reactions.

Although the 316L stainless steel of our watches contains between 10 and 13 percent nickel, this is firmly bound into the structure of the alloy and does not dissolve. The result: Even wearers with a nickel intolerance can wear our watches.

Incidentally, the high nickel content is responsible for the excellent properties of corrosion and acid resistance - at best, you should rather trust this information and not test it yourself.

Pearl blasted and a perfect fit

Stainless steel is often processed in a polished or brushed finish. For our V5 chronographs, we opted for something different - a matt surface treatment, which is created by bombarding it with tiny granules. This aiming beam gives our wristwatches a unique look.

The construction of the stainless steel housing does not forgive any mistakes. Due to the tight fitting edges of the individual components, even the smallest deviation in production would be noticed immediately. The quality control of the machine-made parts, like the assembly, is done by hand.

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