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Why MACHIA, why V5? Who are you?

All of these frequently asked questions (and many more) are answered in the following lines. A contribution by Magnus Beele.
Have fun while reading!

German design, Italian name?

Nicolo Machiavelli. Contrary to many assumptions, MACHIA is not just an artificial name. An Italian writer and philosopher named Niccolò Machiavelli († June 21, 1527) was the inspiration for MACHIA. Machiavelli and his literature never fit into the mainstream. He had a mind of his own, if you will. To this day, it is not easy to classify his works. I don't even want to try that here. Machiavelli's attitude fitted what I wanted to express with MACHIA.
A kind of uncompromising attitude, knowing that things have to be said and done. The realization that getting kicked doesn't always have to be a bad thing and that independence pays off.
With a view to a market that (especially in the lower price segment) produces few really independent designs, MACHIA was conceived as a statement against the mainstream. This idea is reflected in the brand's edgy designs.

What does V5 mean?

Of course, a single draft was not enough. The design went through a total of five stages of evolution, culminating in the final design of the V5 Chrono. However, one thing has remained the same from the first version, from draft to design....

The angular DNA of a MACHIA.

So V5 means version five - and thus symbolizes the perseverance, the ambition and the demands on one's own work, which were necessary in the development of the product.

Unconventional and maximally suitable

Challenging the status quo and doing things radically differently has been the tenet behind MACHIA from the start.

The step into the watch market as an autodidact was a big challenge. But the fact that unfortunately there are many designs that can all too quickly be labeled as a mass and don't really shine with their own individuality, MACHIA opened the door.
The unconventional way into the market with a design that is almost unique in this price range and the enormous quality of the products make MACHIA stand out as a luminary.
How do you create the perfect balance of outstanding quality and reliability without going beyond the price range?

By taking your time in choosing production partners and design and doing things differently. Without crowdfunding - without big names in the industry. In the beginning there were values ​​- values ​​on which all brand decisions are based and consistent.

A short interview with me on chrononautix.com.
Magnus Beele

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